Semester Abroad in Spain, Vic


Hi I’m Bastian from Germany and with this report I would like to tell you about my semester abroad in Spain.
In January 2017, a great adventure started for me. I moved to Spain, more specifically to the Catalan Vic to study there for half a year as part of my dual study. During this time I studied at the Universitat de Vic.
On my first days everything was very funny: a new country and with one exception no one I know and just a completely new culture.
After a short time, I found other students via Facebook in a group, specially created for the abroad students in Vic. This group made it easy for me to make new friends quickly.
When the semester started I had already settled in and I no longer felt like “in a strange place”. Overall, it was a wonderful time for me  I would like to share my most important experiences with you and answer the most important questions – in my opinion:

Where did I live?

In RUVIC, a student residence very close to the university. Although RUVIC is not cheap, but it offers a private room with own bathroom, large kitchens for common cooking, study rooms, Wi-Fi and a laundry and a room with a ping pong table, table football and a TV to watch movies. Especially the equipment in the room itself was good. There was next to a bed and a closet also a microwave, a wash basin and a broom. In retrospect I have to say that it was right to live in RUVIC, even if it was very expensive. Because RUVIC has also been used by other international students, we were all able to cook together and go to university.

How expensive was Vic?

First of all: it depends on your own how expensive a semester abroad is. There are people who spend more money to do a lot and there are people who are more thrifty. I  was one of the people who spent more money. But this was mainly because I was partying and doing a lot with the other students. During my time in Spain, I spent about 1100-1500 euros a month, in my estimation. It includes everything: rent, costs for shopping as well as for smaller trips and the normal “student life” 🙂

How was the university?

In my opinion, the University of Vic is a very organized and structured university. I could choose my courses over the Internet. The university consists of several buildings, each containing a faculty. The courses were a relatively small size with up to 40 students. The lecturers made a good impression for the most part. The language of instruction was usually English. So there was no need for knowledge in Spanish, although that would be an advantage. I myself found the level of the courses to be simple.

How were the students?

I have to divide the students into two parts: local and international. It was mostly difficult for the locals to get in touch because they either did not speak English well or did not care about the international students. Of course, that does not mean it was the same with every local student. By contrast, it was very different with international students. Everyone wanted to meet new people and so have quickly made new friends here. Since the courses were mostly filled only with the international students, there was unfortunately still little contact with the local.

What can I recommend?

  • In Vic
    • The bar “Norton” (here you always meet someone you know)
    • The entire region (for hiking)
    • The market
    • The cathedral
  • In Barcelona
    • The beach
    • Sagrada Familia
    • Park Güell
    • La Rambla
    • Camp Nou
    • Arc de Triomf
    • and much more places… 🙂
  • Further travel recommendations
    • Torello (at Carnival)
    • Tarragona
    • Valencia

What I did not like?

Communication with the local students.

And a few final words:

This was one of the best experiences of my life and I can only recommend to anyone – if possible – to go for a semester abroad!


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